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What is IFSC?

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What is an IFSC Code?

Yes. I will explain you in a very easy way.

IFSC Code is a virtual identity of a particular branch of a bank. It is 11 Digit Alpha Numaric code. IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code operated by RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

IFSC is combination between Bank Code & Branch Code

Example of IFSC Codes:

Format of IFS Code
Bank Code Separator Branch Code
1 to 4 characters 5 th characters 6 to 11 characters
It means, if the IFSC is 'SBIN00012375', then-
Bank Code Separator Branch Code
SBIN 0 012375

How does the IFSC concept works?

Well, the IFSC runs in a very simple and secure mode. Becuase it is only needed when you want to make any online fund transactions by NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and UPI

The IFS Code was introduce to make inter banking transactions.

Say, You have a A/c in SBI (State Bank of India) and you want to make a online fund transfer to a Axis Bank A/c. In this case an IFS Code is needed to make it happen.!

Let's drive in to understand the actual process..

#1 Search in Google
  1. Visit Open your internet broswer (i.e- Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge), and visit from you Windows/ MAC/ iOS, or Android Device. You may use Google App, if you are a smart phone user.
  2. Type in the search Box:
  3. Click on IFSC Code Finder website: Open the IFSC Code finder website from google search
  4. Pick accordingly: Choose your desired bank from the list to get IFSC Code details, then pick State> District>> City>>> Branch.
  5. Click on Get Details: You will have all useful the banking details including IFSC Cdoe in you device screen within a second.

Get MICR, Branch, & IFSC Code in a 'Bank Cheque Book'

It is super easy to get a IFSC code in your bank cheque book. Let's know how-

  1. Open You Cheque book and go to any cheque page
  2. See the right top of your cheque, here you will find you branch IFSC code writtern along with branch code & MICR code.

Also See in you Bank Passbook

In some of you bank like-SBI, Axis etc. the IFSC, MICR & Branch Code information are given in the first page of your Savings A/c Passbook. If you are a Current A/c holder you must check in your bank statement page or E-Statement

Get IFSC & MICR Details from the Bank's Official Website

If you are looking of the most recent IFSC, Branch, or MICR Code of any designated bank, you may visit to the official website of that bank

Example: If you are search of IFSC Code for SBI (State Bank of India)

  1. Visit the Official website the bank (i.e.
  2. Go to the 'Sitemap' page
  3. Click on Branch Location
  4. Find your branch, you will have the IFSC, Branch Code & MICR in your screen.!